TGG Sponsored Agile PDX Event: Reframing Scrum for Hardware

Posted by admin in Company Updates on April 6, 2018

We recently announced that The Gunter Group is excited to be sponsoring 6 monthly meetings at Puppet Labs for Agile PDX. There was a great turnout at last month’s event, “Choosing Change – How to Enable a Shift to Agile”.

We hope you will join us for April’s event to discuss the application of Scrum methodology outside of software development:

RSVP here: Reframing Scrum for Hardware 
Wednesday, April 18, 2018
6:30PM – 8:00PM
Puppet Labs, 5th Floor
308 SW 2nd Ave
Portland, OR 97204

Details about the event:
Have you ever wondered how Scrum might be applied to something other than software development? Join us to hear Kris Dobelstein share insights, takeaways, and practical examples from his life-changing journey to Scrum during one of his employer’s most pivotal product development efforts during the last decade. This is a highly interactive session where we open up the conversation and use a Lean Coffee format to let participants explore insights, share thoughts, and pose follow-up questions. If you’re new to Lean Coffee, you can learn more at If you’re not, you know how much fun this self-organizing discussion format is!

Speaker Bio:
Kris Dobelstein is currently a project manager and principal hardware development engineer at Dynon Avionics in Canby, Oregon. He has worked in avionics for his entire professional career and has fulfilled the roles of engineer, functional manager, Scrum Master, and Product Owner. Kris firmly believes that technology serves two purposes: 1) to make the human experience better and 2) to enable personal and professional growth through the development of said technology. He strongly prefers using Agile methodologies because they align so well with these beliefs. He is a native of the Pacific Northwest and is constantly learning about technology, experimenting with different leadership strategies, and is raising four tiny human beings.

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