Portland, Oregon

With big city amenities and a small town vibe, Portland, OR is a natural hub for entrepreneurship and growing businesses. With the expansion of The Rose City’s economy, our Partners, Mike and Ashleigh Gunter, saw an opportunity to bring a fresh approach to Portland’s consulting market built upon true partnership with clients and meaningful engagement in the community. 

In 2011, The Gunter Group was born. It didn’t take long for our listen-first philosophy to catch on. From strategy development and program leadership to change management and technology implementation, our range of services helps organizations and individuals lead transformation and build an effective and engaged workforce that gets results. With proven track records in consumer goods, retail, technology, health care, government, energy, education, and more, our team of consultants represent a diverse range of skills and experience. The Gunter Group offers a full suite of management consulting and enterprise solutions for public and private sector clients throughout the greater Portland area.

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The Gunter Group
4380 S Macadam Ave, Suite 110
Portland, OR 97239


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Phone Number: (971) 373-8987

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By Kayla Wopschall |

Archeologists seek to understand human behavior through stuff – physical stuff. These artifacts of human existence are often ravaged by time, leaving the subtlest of clues for us to examine. Without context, archaeologists piece together the puzzle and hypothesize why humans of the past made certain decisions and how they interacted with each other and their environment.

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By Josh Bathon |

Gunter Group consultants converged on the Portland area last weekend to attend a 16-hour 2-day training on agile. The course, provided by industry leader Rod Claar, included a deep dive into agile best practices and featured hands-on learning experiences.

August 22, 2019 read more


By Ashleigh Gunter and Laura Magrone |

If you could improve your company’s profits by 21%, reduce attrition by 24% to 59%, and improve your employees’ morale—all without significant cash outflow or investment—would you do it (1)? It is doubtful anyone would answer no to the above question, although that is what many are essentially doing when they don’t make employee engagement a priority in their organization.

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